This past year, BEF awarded over 300 grants to teachers totaling $160,000. Grants were awarded on a competitive basis and we received over 600 requests—the need is far greater than the funds available. Grants were awarded for teacher initiated projects ranging from Art & Drama to projects in science and technology.

Priority is given to programs uniquely designed to do one or more of the following: Educate students in financial literacy, incorporate alternative learning strategies, promote interdisciplinary learning, involve parents, businesses, community organizations and/or social service agencies, bridge culture or ethnic barriers, involve a group of teachers collaborating to improve students learning at their school.

Corporate Sponsored Grants: To expand our reach among teachers and offer more funds, we are proposing that corporations sponsor a particular segment of our grants program that closely aligns with their corporate vision. For example, grants in the area of technology might be sponsored by a high tech company.


For further information on Teacher Grants,  please contact our office at 754-321-2030 or email