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Thank you for registering to support the Michael H. Roland Student Leadership Fund. You will join Leadership Camp alumni, as well as Mike’s friends and colleagues to support the South Florida Leadership Training Camp for hundreds of students in the Broward County Public Schools. We are grateful for your participation in celebration of Mike’s 5 decades as an educator and a mentor of more than 1300 young professionals.

Leadership training reveals the power and synergy of a team with a common goal. Reach out to your contacts and form a team for the support of students.

Our fundraising teams are getting the message out to Leadership Camp alumni, family, friends and those professionals who support the formation of young leaders in Broward County through email and social media asking for their participation to help them reach their goal. Others are holding events such as a breakfast, a dinner or a cocktail gathering and asking for contributions to reach their goal. There are many creative ways to achieve your goal.

The Broward Education Foundation, on September 17 will add $2,000.00 to the highest fundraising individual’s account, $1,000.00 to the second place individual’s account and $500.00 to the third place individual’s account in recognition of the efforts of our Leadership Camp Alumni to share the experience in Mike’s name.

Thank you for joining us on this great adventure.

Shea Ciriago
Director of Development
Broward Education Foundation
Hollywood Hills High School, Class of ‘71

P.S.  You can now login to the online fundraising account center to set up your personal home page.