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On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Broward Education Foundation, we want to express our appreciation for your gift to the Michael H. Roland Student Leadership Fund. We are grateful to you for your generosity to the students of the Broward County Public Schools.
This Fund set up at the Broward Education Foundation to support the student leadership programs of the Broward County Public School District, primarily, the South Florida Leadership Training Camp. With the help of donors like you, we will continue Mike’s dream that generations of students from our schools will have the opportunity to become world-class leaders.
Our Broward County Public Schools, the South Florida Leadership Training Camp and generous donors like you join in creating a vibrant community of service leaders ready to take on the challenges we face in the 21st Century. Your support encourages the Broward Education Foundation family — our volunteers, staff and community professionals in our charitable efforts.
No goods and services were exchanged for your gift. Please know that you have the grateful appreciation of our students their families and our educators.
At the Broward Education Foundation, we believe our community will always need extraordinary leaders shaped in our schools. Thank you for being a part of our vital mission.
Very truly yours,


Shea Ciriago
Director of Development
Broward Education Foundation
Thomas Paul Severino
President and CEO
Broward Education Foundation