Broward Education Foundation Impact GrantsDisseminator and Adapter grants are available for Broward teachers who want to adapt award-winning programs in their classrooms. Through the Broward Education Foundation Teacher Grant Fund, we are able to award IMPACT grants to teachers who submit original and innovative projects.

Anyone who applies for an IMPACT grant must agree to share their successful idea with fellow teachers at the Broward County Schools annual IMPACT Idea Expo.

Find out if you are eligible for either a Disseminator Grant or Adapter Grant below.

IMPACT Grants Frequently Asked Questions

IMPACT is an ongoing program of the Broward Education Foundation. The IMPACT program reaches out to two groups of teachers. Those who have developed successful classroom teaching methods, referred to as ‘disseminators,’ and those who are in search of ways to make their own classrooms better, referred to as ‘adapters.’

Proven projects are packaged and marketed through the Ideas with IMPACT Catalog, the Idea Expo and Idea Packets that contain curriculum materials such as lesson plans, worksheets and resource lists.

Any Broward County public school teacher who has developed a successful and motivating classroom strategy or teaching method can apply for an IMPACT grant.
Yes, there are two types; Disseminator Grants and Adapter Grants.

Disseminators will use their award to publicize their ideas and to interact with other interested colleagues, i.e., adapters.

Adapters will use their grant money to customize a ‘disseminator’s’ original IMPACT concept and ‘adapt’ it to fit their own individual classroom needs.

Once a program has been selected, the Disseminator will furnish you with an Idea packet that outlines the program in detail, including lesson plans, budgets, and step-by-step guides to successfully implement all components.

The Disseminator grant awards $1000: $300 goes to improve the teacher’s project and $500 goes toward packaging and marketing the project.

The Adapter grant awards up to $600, which is to be used to purchase the necessary supplies needed to facilitate your program.

A committee comprised of business and community leaders and educators will grant requests on a competitive basis. All grants will be awarded by April  2018 .

If you don’t see an answer to your question or would like more information on our grants, please contact Coco Burns at


Find the right grant for you

Each year we award 40 grants to teachers and school-based administrators for their submission of original and innovative projects. You may be eligible for one of the following grants:

We award 20 Disseminator grants each year. The grants allow teachers to further develop and disseminate exemplary programs that they have developed within their classrooms.Disseminators are required to showcase their projects and present workshops to interested colleagues from Broward at the annual IMPACT Idea Expo held in February.

Disseminator Grant Deadline – Monday, April 3, 2017. The deadline for this application has passed.

We award 200 Adapter grants each year. The grants are awarded to teachers who wish to incorporate disseminator programs into their own educational curriculum.Adapters learn about successful programs either through review of the IMPACT Idea Catalog or attendance at the annual IMPACT Idea Expo.

Adapter Grant Deadline – Tuesday, February 28, 2017. The deadline for this application has passed.

All Broward teachers who want to add innovation and creativity to their classrooms should attend this EXPO! It is an academic trade show that provides educational workshops while featuring more than fifty displays illustrating effective and dynamic teaching strategies.Mark your calendars!

The Broward Education Foundation’s
21st Annual IMPACT Idea Expo

February 2018