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Your generosity is vital to our mission of connecting kids to greatness.

Cash Donations

It’s the simplest way to support the Broward Education Foundation. You can make the gift unrestricted, meaning we can use it where it is most needed, or designate its use towards a program or event of your choice. Cash gifts may be deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income, while gifts in excess of 50 percent can be carried over as deductions over the next five years.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Was a friend or loved one touched by our Broward County Public Schools in some way? Making a tax-deductible memorial/honorary gift is a wonderful way to celebrate the accomplishments and life of a loved one while supporting the mission of the Broward Education Foundation.


Donors are always looking for ways to make their charitable dollars go further and make a transformative difference in the causes that are close to their heart. Donating stocks, bonds, or mutual fund investments that have appreciated value is one of the best ways for a donor to give more. By taking advantage of applicable incentives, this kind of giving can be one of the most tax-efficient ways to give.

Rules Regarding Foundation Raffles

The Foundation meest the requirements of Section 849.0935, F.S., all brochures, advertisements, notices, tickets or entry blanks used in conjunction with the raffle most conspicuously disclose the following:1. The rules governing the conduct and operation of the drawing;

  1. The rules governing the conduct and operation of the drawing;
  2. The full name of the organization and its principal place of business;
  3. The source of the funds used to award cash prizes or to purchase prizes;
  4. The date, hour, and place where the winner will be chosen and the prizes will be awarded, unless the tickets are sold not more than 3 days prior to the drawing; and
  5. That no purchase or contribution is necessary.


To learn more, contact:
Shea Ciriago, Executive Director
Phone: 754-321-2033